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What Happened to Mods vs Rockers Chicago?

Evolve or Die: Mods vs Rockers Chicago had greatly evolved from its modest beginnings in 2005 with a handful of like- minded Cafe Racers and Scooterists hosting a grass roots gathering on Chicago’s North Lincoln Avenue to the 2013 Mega Weekender with the Reverend Horton Heat headlining. The event was no longer a salute to […]

What is a MOTOBLOT?

The word “Blot” has its origins in ancient Norse-Pagen culture. A Blot was a gathering with sacrifice… MOTOBLOT is a celebration of motorcycle and hot rod culture, where the bikes, the builders, the fashion and the music all come together. MOTOBLOT is where like-minded enthusiasts can kick tires and tell the tall tales of their […]


MOTOBLOT is not only about the street rally, it is about the journey. We encourage all attendees to rendezvous with other riders and make the road to MOTOBLOT an adventure. Meet up at local dealers or at coffee shops, take the road less traveled and watch each others backs, and meet us in Chicago for […]