Film Festival 2018

The Motoblot Motorcycle Film Festival launches in 2017.

A celebration of moto-centric films from around the world screened over the three-day festival. Feature and short documentaries, narratives and experimental films created by filmmakers who express their love and respect for two wheels, and multiple types of riders, in creative form. Racers, scooters, M.C.’s, mods and more on a big screen in air-conditioned comfort on fest grounds. Come watch international films mark their territory on Motoblot this year!


Showtimes by day are listed below. Learn more about each of our featured films by following the link to their page.


8:00pm  Klocked: Women With Horsepower
9:35pm  The Dream Roll
9:45pm  The Spirit of Sturgis
10:05pm  Driven to Ride
10:40pm  Into The Void
10:45pm  Supermoto


11:00am  Pakaraima Safari
11:30am  6th Street Racing – Daytona 2016
11:45am  Black Lightning: The Rollie Free Story
12:25pm Dan Schmitt Moto Racing Helmet Cam
1:00pm  Globe of Death
1:10pm  Fearless – The Isle of Mann TT Race
2:10pm  The Warrior’s Way
2:20pm  The Ultimate Ride
2:40pm  Chasing Evel: The Robbie Knievel Story
4:15pm  Possessed by the Witch Sabbath
4:20pm  Ordu – Texas
4:55pm  Driven Blind
5:15pm  Motovagabonds at Camp 5
5:25pm  The One Motorcycle Show
5:40pm  Seat Time Adventures: 2.0
6:10pm  Motorcycle Cannonball: Racing Dinosaurs
6:15pm  The Vintage 1000
6:30pm  Giovani Burlando’s Vision
6:45pm  Klocked: Women With Horsepower
8:20pm  Supermoto
10:00pm Chasing Evel: The Robbie Knievel Story
11:30pm Surprise Moto Shorts


Bill Wildt Day – 11am to 6:30 pm

11:00am  Bill Wildt Introduction
11:05am  Bill Wildt Retrospective film
12:00pm  Mark Bjorklund 2000CC Twin Ducati: Bonnie Stories
12:05pm  Marty Dickerson Vincent Racing: Bonnie Stories
12:20pm  Troops Remembered: ILMFR: Middle East Conflicts Wall
12:30pm  Live and Silent Auctions/Raffle/Split the Pot
1:00pm  Grey Ghost Project – 1974 Ironhead – 2007
1:10pm  Grey Ghost 2014
1:20pm  Grey Ghost II – 2016
1:30pm  Bill Wildt Video – Part 1
2:00pm  Live and Silent Auctions/Raffle/Split the Pot
2:30pm  Anatomy of a Streamliner: Dennis Manning
2:45pm  Nitro Burning Norton
2:50pm  Do It For The Tots: Toys For Tots
3:00pm  Bill Wildt Video – Part 2
3:30pm Live and Silent Auctions/Raffle/Split the Pot
4:00pm  Valerie Thompson/World’s Fastest Female:304 MPH
4:10pm  Valerie Thompson Crashes at 343 and Survives
4:30pm  Bill Wildt Video – Part 3: At The Rock
5:15pm  Induction Ceremony – Bil Wildt 1st Motoblot Hall of Fame Inductee
6:00pm  After Party with DJ Lenny D

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