2017 Miss Motoblot Pin-Up Contest Information

About the Miss Motoblot Contest

The Miss Motoblot Pin-Up Contest will take place Saturday, June 24th during the rally on the outdoor stage. Twenty contestants will:

  • Receive free admission for the weekend of activities.
  • Receive free hair and makeup services before the contest.
  • Benefit from a dedicated photographer during the contest.
  • Have the opportunity to meet thousands of new fans.
  • Mingle with exceptional sponsors.

Our lucky winner will be crowned 2017 Miss Motoblot, be featured in a promotional pin-up photoshoot and take home the $1,000 prize! Our first runner-up will be awarded $250 and second runner-up will be awarded $100.

We are looking for women that embody what it means to be a pinup. Our winner will be the woman that brightens a room, is an inspiration to her peers and is as lovely to be around as she is beautiful. Not just a pretty face, she must be kind, professional, energetic, confident and gracious. All contestants must be over 21. Photos may not contain any nudity or be overly provocative. Think more Betty Grable or Betty Page not Pamela Anderson. Remember, this a family friendly event so your photos should reflect that.

To also ensure that we have a great mix of gals involved, level the popularity playing field and allow for our contestants to get the greatest amount of professional exposure, we’ve altered the contest from previous years.

The 2017 Miss Motoblot Pin-Up Contest will play out across two rounds.

Online Round – Only one entry will be accepted per contestant. Entries will be accepted through May 26, 2017. Contestants are encouraged to begin posting using the hashtag #2017missmotoblot #missmotoblot #2017motoblot #motoblot to appear in the Motoblot hashtag gallery for promotion.

On June 1st, the online voting round will begin. Voting will be suspended June 15 at 11:59 p.m. CST. Motoblot judges will select their top 5 and the remaining 15 spots will go to the pin-ups with the highest vote count. The 20 contestants advancing to the onsite portion of the competition will be announced June 16. Those not advancing will be removed from the voting portal and voting will reopen on June 16 at 7 a.m. CST. Online voting for these finalists will remain open through 2:00 p.m. CST on June 24. The final vote total will contribute to 20% of the onsite contest final score of each contestant.

Onsite Round – The day of the competition is a very exciting one! Our contestants will be judged by our panel on overall style, crowd appeal, stage presence and confidence. During the afternoon, contestants will be encouraged to mingle with attendees to promote their participation. A panel of Motoblot judges will also be employed at each onstage round as well as observing the contestants throughout the day.

The onstage contest appearances include:

  • First – All contestants will be introduced and information from their profile shared.
  • Second – The top 10 contestants will be announced. Each will then be asked a question by our host.
  • Third – The top 5 contestants will be announced. Each will present a 15-30 second commercial to describe Motoblot.
  • Crowning – Before our headliner, the 3 winners will be announced.

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Miss Motoblot Pin-Up Contest! Best of luck and we look forward to meeting you soon!

Further questions, requests for information or sponsorship inquiries can be directed to missmotoblot@motoblot.com.