How To Be Deadly

In Newfoundland, an unemployed minibike rider enters a minibike competition to win back his girlfriend.


Nik Sexton is originally from St. John’s and is part of the “New Wave” of Newfoundland comedy.  Notably, he is a producer on “The Rick Mercer Report” TV series and has been with the show since it’s inception.  Growing up in Newfoundland, Sexton began making skateboard videos under the title “Motion”.  Inside these skateboard videos were short comedy sketches that he and his friends produced.  Eventually these skits became more popular than the actual skateboarding.  This is where he discovered a love of writing and directing comedy.  “Motion” eventually developed into a CBS web pilot.  In the pilot was a sketch about a hard ticket Newfoundlander who rapped in gibberish and rode around St. John’s on a mini dirt bike.  The videos went viral, generating millions of views and the legend of Donnie Dumphy was born.  ‘How To Be Deadly’ is Nik Sexton’s first feature film.  This feature was developed from a short film of the same name.  It was accepted and screened at the 2012 Short Film Corner in Cannes and TIFF.


Year:  2014
Category:  Feature Narrative
Country:  Canada
Run Time:  1 hour  28 minutes  15 seconds

Nik Sexton
Nik Sexton
Ed Riche
Key Cast:
Leon Parsons
Gina Squires