Lone Rider

It was August of 2014, riding home on an old Yamaha two-stroke scooter when a car in oncoming traffic pulled out from behind a van. Bam. Broken femur, broken wrist, dislocated hand, two collapsed lungs, nine days in the surgical trauma ward, a month in a hospital bed at home, about a year of recovery after that. I spent many an afternoon before and after the accident at my local motorcycle repair shop chatting about bikes, both as machines and as a culture. Everyone knows someone who’s gone, young or old. Yet, they still ride. Why? If you ride, you know.


Luca Cipolla is a Junior film student at Ithaca College. He started working in media in 2009 while homeschooled at the high school level, studying at a community college outside of Philadelphia. Luca’s film work started in documentary with Seven Questions (2010), a piece about teen relationships. In college, focus changed to fiction with The Spectre (2013), about political unrest in America; and now Lone Rider (2015) about facing the possibility of death as a biker. This latest film, Lone Rider, was inspired by Luca’s real-life experience having survived a severe motorcycle crash in 2014.


Year:  2016
Category:  Short Narrative
Country:  USA
Run Time:  4 minutes  15 seconds


Luca Cipolla
Luca Cipolla
Franke Parker
Key Cast:
Nick Wahba
CJ Kennedy
Director of Photography:
Jahan Lam