Motorbike Jazz

Motorbike Jazz tells the story of a young man named King (Rane Jameson) and his life racing motorcycles out in the wilderness surrounding Las Vegas.  King has one problem though, his girlfriend Ruby (Worthy Goodman) has just decided it might be time for them to break up.  Will he crash and burn or will he find a way to move on?  Set to original jazz music by Darryl Brenzel, Motorbike Jazz tells a familiar tale in a brave new way.


Filmed by the motorbike riders ( Duncan Menge, Josh Evans, Paul Evans, Ben Rollison,) with no support vehicles and using on-board cameras to put you in the saddle with the action, Arrows of Fire tells the story of comradeship, discovery and endurance through the eye of the rider.


Year:  2016
Category:  Short Narrative
Country:  USA
Run Time:  14 minutes  15 seconds
Company:  Tim Scott Films

Tim Scott
Cade LiRocchi
Tim Scott
Worthy Goodman
Daniel Kollars
Matt Schwartz
Erick Gibson
Darryl Brenzel
Key Cast:
Sofia Lama
Rane Jameson
Worthy Goodman
Erik Van Wagenen