SFRC 2013 Alley Sweeper Urban Enduro In Portland Oregon

The Sang-Froid Riding Club is an Oregon nonprofit organization dedicated to the sport of motorcycle riding and racing. “Sang-Froid” comes from the Latin Sanguis Frigidus – “cold blood” – and means “cool under pressure.” Motorcycle riding requires calm and concentration to achieve excellence, and this sang-froid is both our motto and our goal.

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, SFRC was formed to promote skillful motorcycle riding and to bring creative and alternative motorcycle events to the Portland community. SFRC hosts rides and events throughout the year, and encourages local and national riders to check out our site for information on the club, riding, and to learn more about motorcycling in Oregon.


Ned Thanhouser is an award winning documentary filmmaker.  His latest production THE THANHOUSER STUDIO AND THE BIRTH OF AMERICAN CINEMA film won a Special Jury Award at WorldFestHouston, won Award of Excellence from the Depth of Field Film Festival, was selected by the NYC aindependent Film Festival and the Los Angeles Film Review, and was broadcast on Turner Classic Movies in July 2015. Ned is an avid member of the local motorcycle community and also directed The Monkey And Her Driver (also In this years Motoblot Film Fest,) and Black Dog Dual Sport events.


Year:  2013
Category:  Short Narrative
Country:  USA
Run Time:  4 minutes 10 seconds

Ned Thanhouser
Ned Thanhouser