The Alder Kings


The Alder Kings are supernatural beings, with each being a type of apparition having what appears to be a green face. Having no voice, these apparitions haunt and steal the souls of travelers with their unique blend of instrumental surf rock music. Are they just a dream? Are they real? You will have to decide for yourself, if you dare!

 The Alder Kings combine influences from greats like Dick Dale, Link Wray and The Cramps with a heavier, aggressive and decidedly spooky edge. Since forming in 2011 the fiery Chicago trio has played shows throughout the midwest and shared stages with national and international acts such as: Michale Graves, Blitzkid, The Rhythm Dragons,The Living Deads, Daikaiju, The Hudson Falcons, Jane Rose and the Dead End boys, Kill Baby Kill and The World Famous Krank Daddies.

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