Them Guilty Aces


ure, energetic fun! Them Guilty Aces is an upbeat and swinging group from Chicago that demands you to get out of your seat and dance. It’s as if someone took the best parts of 50’s Rock n Roll and plugged them into Dave Grohls guitar amp. Each member brings a satisfying and refreshing set of skills as a result of different musical backgrounds and a variety of influences which started at a very young age.

TGA had provided fun, engaging new age rockabilly on such stages at the House of Blues Chicago, The Hard Rock Cafe Chicago, Fitzgerald’s and The Cubby Bear, sharing those stages with well known acts such as The Koffin Kats, Kim Lenz, and the Legendary Chris Casello. At each performance they connect with the audience by inspiring new musical ideas with a nostalgic twist.

Them guilty aces has recently been playing shows promoting their latest EP entitled Stay Tuned, produced by Drew Fredrickson ( comprised of 6 songs that show off a modern ruggedness of today; while paying tribute to the good ole’ sound of the 50’s where RocknRoll began. This band is determined to break down barriers that stand in the way of old school and new school rock, and setting their sites on bringing it all together for one big party. 

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