MOTOBLOT – June 21-23, 2024 | MOTOBLOT is an annual motorcycle rally held in Chicago, Illinois.


If you’ve attended MOTOBLOT, you know the magic is difficult to capture.

Check out our video recaps, Instagram, and the articles that make us blush.

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From the Press

Video Recaps

MOTOBLOT 2023 Year 10 Video Rewind
VALHALLA 2022 Custom Motorcycle Builders Challenge
MOTOBLOT 2022 Rewind
MOTOBLOT 2022 Saturday Video Rewind (June 25th)
MOTOBLOT 2022: Friday Night Kick-Start (June 24th)
MOTOBLOT 2021 Video Rewind
MOTOBLOT 2021: Day 3 Recap
MOTOBLOT 2021: Day 2 Recap
MOTOBLOT 2021: Day 1 Recap
MOTOBLOT Drive-In 2020 by Stoptime Live
MOTOBLOT 2019 Official Rewind Video by Stoptime Live
MOTOBLOT 2019 Sunday Sizzle Reel by Stoptime Live
MOTOBLOT 2019 Saturday Sizzle Reel by Stoptime Live
MOTOBLOT 2019 Thursday / Friday Sizzle Reel by Stoptime Live
MOTOBLOT 2018 Video Rewind by Stoptime Live
MOTOBLOT 2017 Video Rewind by Stoptime Live
MOTOBLOT 2016 Video Rewind by Stoptime Live
MOTOBLOT Chicago 2015 Event Recap by Good Spark Garage
MOTOBLOT 2015 Recap / 2016 Teaser
MOTOBLOT 2014 Event Rewind by Good Spark Garage
Mods vs Rockers Chicago Flashback 2005 to 2011 by Good Spark Garage

Classic Coverage

  • 2021 MOTOBLOT Pin-up Contest
    Against the backdrop of rocking tunes and revving engines, contestants of the 2021 MOTOBLOT Pin-up Contest will command the main stage on Saturday, August 28. A popular attraction of the weekender, the contest draws from all backgrounds and styles, offers a chance at the grand $1,000 prize and is a great opportunity to be seen, heard and highlighted.
    MOTOBLOT will hit the streets of the West Loop for its 8th year, August 27th – 29th, giving attendees what they’ve come to expect of the city’s largest urban moto street festival: a jam packed weekend featuring 2 live stages, a 4-block vendors paddock, a motorcycle and car show, The Ace High VIP Lounge, The MOTOBLOT Pin-up Contest, and many signature highlights only found at MOTOBLOT.
  • Cruiser Magazine (July, 2019)
    Motoblot 2019, A Gathering Of The Tribes – Chicago’s largest motorcycle and hot-rod street rally.
  • Makina – (June, 2019)
    MOTOBLOT 2019 – It’s MakinAroundtheWorld! Zach hits Chicago for the coolest moto event in the midwest…
  • Makina – (September, 2018)
    The Chicago Moto Scene – Zach goes to Chicago to experience their Moto Scene. Join him as he checks out Motorcycle Mondays, Moto Social, Chicago Motorworks, Moto Blot, PInts and Pistons, The Slauhghterhouse Scooter Rally, and Bikes and Burlesque
  • Chicago Magazine (June, 2017)
    What to Expect at Chicago’s Largest Rider-Led Motorcycle Fest – Motoblot, now in its fourth year, brings together gearhead subcultures on the streets around Cobra Lounge.
  • Good Spark Garage (July, 2014)
    MOTOBLOT 2014 Photos and Video
  • Good Spark Garage (June, 2014)
    10 Reasons to Attend MOTOBLOT in Chicago
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