MOTOBLOT – June 21-23, 2024 | MOTOBLOT is an annual motorcycle rally held in Chicago, Illinois.

MOTOBLOT Pin-up Contest

The search is on for our 2023 MOTOBLOT Pinup Queen!

2022 Pin-Up Contest Winner Venus LaCure

$1,000 grand prize!

We look forward to celebrating the women who achieved so much through pinup and those that continue to use it as a relevant platform today. Although this is a competitive platform, our contest offers you more than just a chance to win our grand prize.

All contestants that advance to the on-site contest portion (June 24, 2023 in Chicago) will receive:

  • Participation in a Friday evening meet-n-greet and Sunday’s Bike Wash
  • Promotion of Motoblot social media platforms
  • Free VIP admission for the weekend of activities.
  • Time with our dedicated photographer during the event. 
  • Inclusion in our post event highlights.
  • AND, the chance to win the $1,000 grand prize!

Accepted contestants will participate in an online voting period held before the event that will be combined with our onsite judges and attendee votes during the competition day to determine our winner.


Our contest involves THREE components.

Submission round: The submission period will close on May 19th at midnight CST or when we have advanced 20 applicants to the on-site round (Whichever comes first). Applicants will be notified of acceptance or be guided what to resubmit within 72 hours of submission. Our event team will make an assessment based on the criteria: 

  • Completeness and accuracy of the application.
  • Ability to be onsite June 24th for the competition.
  • Quality of the photographs (posing, style, professionalism) and resolution.

Online Promotion: Advancing pin-ups are encouraged to use their creativity and personality to create a social media video promoting their participation in the MOTOBLOT contest.  MOTOBLOT will supply a logo for use.  Videos tagged or provided to MOTOBLOT will be reposted on our social media and on our Youtube channel on the same day (TBD between June 1 and June 10).  Content promoting the event and pin-up contest will be used in several promotional shorts as well. Creation of a video/videos encouraging likes, views and shares will receive promotional points that will be added to the onsite portion of the contest.  Be sure to use #MOTOBLOTpinup2023 in your social media posts to help us see your online engagement. 

On-site round: The day of the competition is a very exciting one! MOTOBLOT judges (to be announced) will also be employed at each onstage round as well as observing the contestants throughout the day. MOTOBLOT attendees will also be able to vote onsite.

The onstage contest appearances include:

  1. Introduction / style walk: All contestants will be introduced and information from their profile shared. 
  2. Personal commercial: All contestants will be introduced and given 30 seconds to share who they are with our audience. 
  3. MOTOBLOT commercial: The top 5 will be announced. These advancing contestants will then be given 30 seconds to present a mini “best of MOTOBLOT” commercial.
  4. Crowning – The 2023 MOTOBLOT Pin-up Contest Winner will be announced before our headliner.

Think you could be our 2023 MOTOBLOT Pin-up Contest Winner?

To enter, complete the below APPLICATION and be sure to provide a link to the following items compiled into a DropBox, ShareFile or Google Drive folder by May 19th at midnight CST. 

Items to include in your shared folder:

  • 5-10 high resolution photos (that don’t contain nudity). These can range from pin-up shoots or photos captured at live events. Photographer watermarks are recommended.

Inappropriate Behavior: Anyone that deviates from what the judges believe to be acceptable behavior will be immediately disqualified. After review by our event team, contestants will be disqualified if posts or comments they make online are deemed to be racist, bullying or demeaning to other contestants. Please refrain from nudity in your submission and onstage. Use of illegal substances is prohibited. Any contestant appearing to be intoxicated will be removed from the competition. Know your drink limit throughout the weekend. Be smart and look out for each other.

Best of luck to all of our 2023 MOTOBLOT Pin-up contestants!

Thank you to our 2022 onsite judges:


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Our Motoblot Pin-Up Contest Winners

Motoblot 2022 Pin-Up Contest Winner - Venus LaCure

2022 Pin-Up Contest Winner

Venus LaCure

2022 Pin-Up Contestants Stage

2022 Finalists

[Left to right] Fall Birdy, Jo Dee Lou, Dani Danger, Ebody Insu-Lynn



2021 Pin-Up Contest Winner

Mz Cocoa Chelle Nell

2021 Finalists

[Left to right] Dani Danger, Mz Cocoa Chelle Nell, Iris N. Blume, Lady Velush and Ebody Insu-Lynn



2019 Miss Motoblot - Miss Coral Reefer

2019 Miss Motoblot

Miss Coral Reefer

2019 Title Winners

2019 Title Winners

Miss Pink Snow for Miss Mod, Dorian Ames for Miss Rocker, Scarlett Noir for Miss Vintage, and Mickie Mangles for Miss Congeniality



2018 Miss Motoblot - Chevy DeLuxe

2018 Miss Motoblot

Chevy DeLuxe

2018 Title Winners

2018 Title Winners

Miss Calculation for Miss Mod, Dorian Ames for Miss Rocker, Sweet Alice Sin for Miss Vintage, and Millie Manhattan for Miss Congeniality



2017 Miss Motoblot - Shea Vice

2017 Miss Motoblot

Shea Vice

2017 Runners-up

2017 Runners-up

Audrey Tawdry (1st runner-up) and Rosie Taylor (2nd runner-up)



2016 Miss Motoblot - Sadie Spitfire

2016 Miss Motoblot

Sadie Spitfire

2016 Runners-up

2016 Runners-up

Chevy DeLuxe (1st runner-up) and DJayy Von Sweets (2nd runner-up)



2015 Miss Motoblot - Viva Glenne Spice

2015 Miss Motoblot

Viva Glenne Spice

2015 Runners-up

2015 Runners-up

Atalee Judy (1st runner-up) and Alyson Vetter (2nd runner-up)



2014 Miss Motoblot - Chez Schweiker

2014 Miss Motoblot

Chez Schweiker

2014 Runners-up

2014 Runners-up

Viva Glenne Spice (1st runner-up) and Ice Blonde (2nd runner-up)



Miss Motoblot 2013 Willow Schneider

2013 Mods Vs. Rockers


2012 Mods vs Rockers - Ivanna Riot

2012 Mods Vs. Rockers

Ivanna Riot



805 Beer