MOTOBLOT – June 21-23, 2024 | MOTOBLOT is an annual motorcycle rally held in Chicago, Illinois.

Roadshow & Events

Roadshow Events MOTOBLOT is Attending

Each year, MOTOBLOT hits the road to attend festivals and events across the country. We are proud to support those that also help united our motorcycle and hot rod culture. Where bikes, cars, builders, racers, fashion and music collide… you’ll usually find MOTOBLOT.

Events Presented by MOTOBLOT

MOTOBLOT proudly brings the moto-community together in Chicago across a number of events. For more information and to connect with others attending, join our MOTOBLOT events on Facebook.

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Motorcycle Mondays 2024

Motorcycle Mondays

Our new home is an old favorite, O’Donovan’s Pub at 2100 W Irving Park Road in Chicago.

While all styles and makes are welcome, ride in on a motorcycle from the feature country and receive a free Moto Mondays jacket patch and the chance to take home the Motorcycle Monday Trophy!

Come early for a spot by the patio, 6pm – 10pm


Pints and Pistons 2024

Pints & Pistons

Pints & Pistons is a Sidewalk Cafe Motorcycle Show on one Wednesday a month, May through October.

Our 2023 home is Montrose Saloon at 2933 Montrose Avenue in Chicago. See you there!

Find a spot out front, 6pm – 10pm


Hexemoto 2024


One Thursday a month, come for a cup of caffeine and the fresh scent of gasoline at Hexe Coffee Co at 2000 W. Diversey Parkway in Chicago.

Find us on the patio, 6pm-9pm


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